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The Rough Ashlar - Thoughts from a Traveling Man

Freemasonry and Generativity

House of ROMANOV-tree-frFor those of you who studied psychology in college, you know about Erikson's stages of psychosocial development. I am in my 40s and know that I am in Erikson's seventh stage, being that of generativity vs. stagnation. I feel like I have a good sense of generativity – the sense that I am leaving something positive behind for others to build on. It's not that I am dying and reflecting on my life, just that I know I have worked to build something meaningful. Most people get this from seeing their children grow up but I do not have children. For me, that sense has come about partly through Freemasonry.

This is a quick path to seeing something grow and prosper. I have had the benefit of teaching the catechisms to brothers even just a few years ago who have since gone on to be officers or otherwise active members in their lodges. It gives me a sense of pride to see that our junior warden, for example, who learned the catechisms entirely mouth-to-ear from me, has already taught others the same material and gone on to learn other parts of the ritual that I do not know. I got to see him prosper with what I had to teach him and also see him take his own direction. That is pretty darned fulfilling.

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