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Grand College of Rites Dues Card

wpid-IMAG0670.jpgThe Grand College of Rites is back in the game. it had been a few years since I had gotten anything from them but now that there is a new grand registrar, things seem to be shaping up well. Again, I expect it will be a while before everything is back up and running like it was a few years ago but hopefully they will get things in order. Keeping the records for a group this size has got to be a difficult task and I can imagine that the new brother who took over that job has some serious work cut out for him.

However, I am happy because I have a dues card again. I am up to date with everything and even have the latest volume of Collectanea they published.

If you were a fellow of the College and have gotten discouraged by the lack of communication, get back in touch through the grand registrar. He may tell you to do something different, but my instruction was to send a new petition with this year’s dues check to bring me back to current status. That was mostly so they could update their records, I understand.

Whatever you do, know that the GCR is back in business and steaming ahead.

Update on the Grand College of Rites

I was at Masonic Week events this morning and spoke with the incoming Grand Chancellor of the Grand College of Rites about the issues they have been having processing payments, getting dues notices out to the members and processing petitions. Of course, he was very aware of these issues already and informed me that this Saturday there would be a new Grand Registrar elected and installed, so things will start to ramp up again after a while.

Be patient though. The new guy will have to make a rather lengthy drive to Illinois at some point to get all the records and documents, and then organize them for his use once he brings them home. And then there is a backlog of information to sort through going back at least a year and probably more.

Have faith, my brothers. When the Grand College of Rites was in full swing, many said that it was the best $15 in Masonry, and I feel that is true. It will be great again.

Frustrations with the Grand College of Rites

If you are a member of the Grand College of Rites, you may have some frustration with a seemingly absent recorder and other management. I encourage you to hang in there. I received a communication from someone in the organization explaining the situation. He forwarded me a note from the Grand Chancellor that explains everything.

This is a great organization to be part of. Don’t give up on them. They are just having some┬átransitional problems at the moment and likely these will be cleared up before long. The good side is that there is an opportunity for some brother to become more involved if he wants a good-sized project. I considered throwing my hat in the ring but decided I have enough on my plate for now.
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