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The Rough Ashlar - Thoughts from a Traveling Man

KYCH – A Huge Honor

kychI had the honor to be initiated into the Knights of York Cross of Honor (KYCH) this weekend. The KYCH is an honorary invitational body whose requirements include having served as the presiding officer of all four York Rite bodies. If you ever see the long-time Masons in your lodge with a four-colored cord with a crown suspended on it, that is the same group.

The strange thing about Virginia, where I am a  lodge member, is that we do not have a Cryptic Council. Neither does West Virginia. Back in the early part of the 19th century, the Grand Cryptic Council of Virginia closed up shop and merged with the Grand Royal Arch Chapter. As such, we confer the Council degrees in the Chapter in our two states. So technically, as the high priest of my chapter, I also served as the illustrious master of a council.

All the same, if you read my bio, you will see that I am in line at a Cryptic Council, so although I have already received the distinction of this order, I do mean to earn the final part of this.

Masonic Veteran’s Award from the GL of Maine

MedalI had the privilege this morning of presenting a Masonic Veteran’s Service Medal to a brother from Portland, Maine, who resides within my Masonic district. This is one of the singular joys of being in my role and this one event is a highlight of the Masonic year so far.

The Masonic Veteran’s award is a special recognition for our members who reach 50 years as Masons.¬†Something that interests me about this type of recognition is that different grand lodges do things differently. Maine apparently gives a breast jewel and lapel pin (seen attached to the ribbon). In Virginia there is a lapel pin, certificate and life membership card, which absolves a person from having to pay dues anymore. I guess Virginia has figure that if they got 50 years of dues, that should be enough.

Fun stuff. I look forward to doing this a few more times before the year is up.

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