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Lodge Blood Programs

wpid-IMAG0743.jpgBlood programs are done differently in different grand jurisdictions, but almost all jurisdictions have some sort of plan or another. Here in Virginia, it is a point-based system, run on the district level, with the individual lodges getting credit for their members donating. One point for each whole blood donation, two for double reds, 10 or 20 points for each apheresis donation.

After so many points are accumulated, the lodge wins an award for being an excellent donor organization.

Another plaque to hang on the wall of the social hall where the brothers gather for a fine repast is great, but the real reward is knowing that you might have have saved a life. Each pint of blood can be used for three different people. Your 20 minutes in the chair can help save three lives. If that isn’t powerful, I don’t know what is.

The Red Cross has strict guidelines on blood they can receive because they try to standardize the product for use all over the world. However, your local blood bank is likely less restrictive. Give where and when you can. Even if you do not qualify as a donor for the Red Cross, they can use your blood for research, so any blood donation goes to a good cause.

Me, I try to donate locally, as the Red Cross told me to go pound sand due to having had mono. Hasn’t everyone had mono? Anyway, my local hospital-based blood center is glad to have me come.

If you have not given blood, make an appointment today. Save a life while you can, and pray that you never need a donation.

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  • Franklin Brown says:

    I have been giving blood for several years at Medic in Knoxville,Tn.. I am what they call ” Super Giver” I gave every 56 days.I found out one day that my blood was not going to the Red Cross as I thought, but was being sold to various Hospitals in Tn.,Kentucky and Virginia. That when they got the last drop of blood from me.

    Franklin Brown
    Knoxville Tn., PM

    October 10, 2018 at 9:36 am

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