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The Rough Ashlar - Thoughts from a Traveling Man

Masonic Veteran’s Award from the GL of Maine

MedalI had the privilege this morning of presenting a Masonic Veteran’s Service Medal to a brother from Portland, Maine, who resides within my Masonic district. This is one of the singular joys of being in my role and this one event is a highlight of the Masonic year so far.

The Masonic Veteran’s award is a special recognition for our members who reach 50 years as Masons.┬áSomething that interests me about this type of recognition is that different grand lodges do things differently. Maine apparently gives a breast jewel and lapel pin (seen attached to the ribbon). In Virginia there is a lapel pin, certificate and life membership card, which absolves a person from having to pay dues anymore. I guess Virginia has figure that if they got 50 years of dues, that should be enough.

Fun stuff. I look forward to doing this a few more times before the year is up.

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