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The Rough Ashlar - Thoughts from a Traveling Man

Past High Priest – Finally!

Past High Priest JewelIt was a long year at Arlington Royal Arch but we did some good work. We lost a few members to death or suspension, and gained quite a number as well. Overall, we had a net loss of one, which in my book is a success. We also became more ritually proficient as a chapter and had some great programs.

All in all, I am happy.

The year was fun. We did some things we had not done in a while and maybe a few things we had not done before at all. As much fun as it was, though, and as happy as I am with the year, I am glad to have given the task to a very competent successor. The new high priest is smart and capable and I get the feeling that he likes to build on the success of his predecessors, so I feel great about the coming year and look forward in anticipation to where he will lead the chapter.

One of the things I have always felt about leadership in the lodge – or in any group or job – is that when you take on a position, you want to approach it with the mindset of being a steward for that position. Being a good steward means building in the right way and leaving it in a better state than it was when you got there. It is good to serve and then sit back so someone else can take the reins and make even more improvements. Another part of being a good steward is knowing that your duties do not end when you vacate a position. Numerous opportunities for mentorship and assistance will always be there.

Good luck and congratulations, Ex. Comp. Velena!

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