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The Rough Ashlar - Thoughts from a Traveling Man

Visit to Springfield Lodge

20120505-102425.jpgMy good friend and brother Alfred Tecson had me visit Springfield Lodge last year to give a talk on Masonic charity in the Book of Ruth. I do not get down to Springfield nearly as often as I would like to because it is not particularly close to where I live and spend my time, but it is always a pleasure to be with that particular group. Thank you, Wor. Bro. Tecson. I enjoyed visiting your lodge and was honored to be asked to speak. Thank you for the opportunity, as well as for the mug you gave me. I send my thanks late, but this is the type of thing that helps make my mornings complete – a memento that holds my coffee. You can never have enough mugs, in my estimation.

As master, it is a sign of class to have a gift or token of some sort to give visitors and those who make presentations. Those of you who are aspiring to ascend to the oriental chair, definitely invest in mugs, pens, pins, or some sort of trinket for your visitors. Wor. Bro. Tecson did it right. What I especially like about this mug is that it has the Square and Compasses on the other side, so it is easily recognizable to all, but also has the lodge and master’s name and year of service.¬†Even better¬†is that the master had a theme, which is clearly indicated on the mug: “Spreading the Light.” I do not know what all my good brother did that year to spread light other than have me visit, but I know it was good because he was at the helm, making sure it happened. I just hope that I was able to add something during the visit.

Now to check my calendar for the next meeting…

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