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The Rough Ashlar - Thoughts from a Traveling Man

Royal Arch Jewel

imageI recently introduced myself to a brother visiting my lodge who turned out to be the Third Provincial Grand Principal for the Provincial Grand Chapter of Cumberland and Westmoreland in England. I gave him a pin representing my Royal Arch Chapter, as I do whenever I meet a traveling companion. This particular brother had so many badges and jewels that it was like meeting a high-ranking military officer. That is the tradition in England. They really do it up right.

At the end of our lodge meeting, the companion took the jewel pictured here and put it on my breast pocket. He had no more need for it, he told me, because he was about to ascend to the grand line from the provincial grand line, which would necessitate a different jewel.

Granted, I cannot wear the jewel for any official use, but I wore it proudly the rest of the evening, and will keep it in my box of Masonic stuff as a keepsake. It is a small token but a meaningful one, at least to me. Masons are always exchanging pins and other goodies as symbols of fraternalism and good will. Most of us have a box somewhere of pins and keepsakes from friends and meetings past.

Thank you, my Excellent Companion, for giving this to me. It was an unexpected show of brotherhood and something I will remember for a long time. Come back and visit again when your travels next take you to Northern Virginia.

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