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Why I Became a Shriner

ShrinerI just walked across the cold sands a few weeks ago, which is code for going through a five-minute obligation in the conference room of the Shrine center. I had a suit on and everything but it was more of something we did right before a meeting the Divan met to discuss some Shrine business. If you have ever heard legendary stories of initiation into the Shrine, this wasn’t it. That’s called the hot sands and will happen in November, at least for me.

The potentate of Kena Shriners lowered the initiation fees significantly, so that even a former English student like me could afford to join. I was at my first Shriners meeting last week and was reminded why I joined. The first part of the meeting was set aside to discuss the recent expenses for taking kids from here in northern Virginia to various Shriners hospitals.

The Shriners are known to be a fun-loving group and are sometimes called the playground of Freemasonry. That will be a nice thing to explore. However, the reason I joined was to support the good works the Shriners do – running a network of more than 20 hospitals that offer special treatment for children at no cost. Seriously. No cost. What can be more worthwhile than that?

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