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Masonic Leadership Correspondence Course – Done!

Masonic Leadership Program

The Grand Lodge of Virginia has a Masonic correspondence course for brethren in Virginia who are interested in learning the laws of Masonry in the Commonwealth. This is a three-part course that looks a bit at the ritual and common knowledge of Freemasonry but really focuses on the written laws.

The written laws are of great importance to the Craft, and as you might imagine, dictate how Masonry works. What is or is not allowed? Who does what in the Lodge? Knowing the laws is important. It gives you the power to challenge people, and even more important, the knowledge of when you should challenge them.

Have you ever been in a situation when someone said you couldn’t do something because it’s against the rules? Have you ever thought somebody was making up the rules as he or she went along? The nice thing about Virginia Masonry is that the laws are all written out, allowing all of us to read them and learn the final word on an issue.

The most important part of this course is not learning the rules and laws themselves but learning how to read and navigate the law books.

This is all to say that I finally completed the third and final course and mailed off my answer sheets a couple days ago. It feels good to have done this, as it was a bit of a challenge to sit with the books, knowing the answer is somewhere within them and still unable to find it. I am glad to be done with it and am looking forward to getting the certificate to hang on my wall but now wonder what’s next for me in my Masonic education.

What are you doing to expand yourself within your lodge?

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