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The Rough Ashlar - Thoughts from a Traveling Man

District Leadership Conference

I went to a district leadership conference on Saturday sponsored by the Grand Lodge. It was a good time. The line officers met with their corresponding Grand Lodge officers, so as a junior warden, I met with the grand senior warden, who will be the grand master the year I am master of my lodge, if everything goes as planned. It was a good time and I came away with some really good ideas about how to get the brethren more interested in returning to the lodge.

Of course, the Grand Lodge didn’t just set up the training, but they bribed us to come. For one thing, the only way to get MW Hodges’ pin is to shake his hand. So if you want a pin, you have to go wherever he is and be good enough to introduce yourself. Also, they were giving out this commemorative coin to the brethren who attended. (The grand master’s pin looks like the obverse on the coin below.)

Discovering Our Potential IMGP4458 copy
and back:
Discovering Our Potential IMGP4460 copy

Yes, I called it a bribe. I have to admit that it seems to work. Even those of us who would go to these events regardless still love to collect the pins and coins and such!

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